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I promise it's the last time I talk about this. :blushes:
I just wanted to update saying that the girl finally answered and this was her response: (sorry my english)

And she put: "Base by Eledhwen" It bothers me very much to see that she considers my image as a "base". Giving the credits is important, but in this case what made me the most furious is that she simply took my render, painted over, manipulated, erased my name and put hers. It is not a base, it is not a stock to be used that way. WTF! I wanted that image removed.

But I'm tired of this. I already have too much stress in RL and my time online is to relax and distract myself doing things I love, talking with friends, doing arts, reading and writing fanfics ...

I did everything I could. Tumblr did nothing to remove the image.

I'm going back to my old blog and making a post saying that my renders are not bases and that I don't give permission for anyone to use them in manipulation and stuff like that. I didn't think it was necessary to say that, but apparently there's always some idiot who thinks it's nice to steal the work of others.

I will take this opportunity and reply to the hater anon who left a message when I left tumblr. I was going to ignore the message forever, but since I'm going to post there, I'll be polite and reply. lol

Also, as I've been thinking about opening for commission. I've been thinking about this for a long time, even posting about that 2 or 3 times but never did anything. XP I'm very insecure and i keep thinking that people will not like or that something is going to happen and that I will not be able to finish..among other things ...But i think it´s time.

And if I decide to do this regularly, it will be like 2 or 3 slots (at most) per month.
:P Because I want to continue to have time to make my images. They are part of my fantasy world that is immensely important to make me forget the problems of everyday life.

I'll post about this on tumblr first.  I'm going to make an experiment, open one slot and see how it goes. Since I promised some followers I'd post there first, I'll do it.
Maybe not but soon.


 That's it, folks! Many thanks to all who commented here and on Facebook !! Thanks for the support !! You are the best! :heart:

And just because :love:

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Hey guys,
I have some comments to answer, but I promise to do that tomorrow. :heart:
I'm feeling a little frustrated these past few days. For the first time someone stolen one of my images and I'm trying to solve that problem. It was not here, it was on tumblr. And once again I thank oreana for let me know about this, because I'm not there anymore. I  visit a few blogs from time to time, but I'm not there anymore.

The girl took my fanart of Jacob Frye (the first one I did, where there is only his torso because I had not even made his face at that time.):

AC Syndicate fanart by 0Snow-White0

She took this render and manipulated by putting a head (which I don't know if she painted or stole from someone else), erased my name and put hers. I left a private message asking her to remove the image. I had no answer. I decided to comment on the image and leave it public. I waited... and no answer.
I then decided to report to tumblr. I filled out a DMCA. Tumblr answered me and apparently I did it wrong and should have used another link. I did that and now I'm waiting to see the result of all this.

But it makes me want to scream every time I see that the image is still there and that people keep giving "Like" even with my comment there saying that she stole my work and erased my name. =( It's like they don't care if it's right or wrong.

At the moment I'm waiting ...

I don´t mind people showing and sharing my renders. I think it's cool because it shows that they like what I do. I just ask that they don't alter and don´t claim as their own.

That is a lack of respect for the artist (and writer, because I have friends who had their ideas copied, parts of their stories stolen, etc).

Last year a blog about Rogues on Tumblr repost another fanart I made with Jacob:

Instead of reblog  (that would be the right thing to do), they reposted. I didn´t care, at least they were decent enough to put the credits. Funny that their post had more likes than my original post. 

I really don't know what's the fun of stealing the work of others and pretend to have done ... It is a terrible lack of respect, that is. Shame on you! Learn to make your own work.

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To anyone who ever thought, or thinks about to leave DA or just want to have another place to post...

Today I was looking for an alternate place to post my works. Similar to DeviantArt.
I know that some friends here have already searched without much success. Today I bumped into one called Visualart. And I discovered that I had already made an account there for some time. lol  But I completely forgot. (I didn't post anything yet) Despite this, I don't know the site and I don't know if it is popular.

For example, I use ArtStation more for inspiration and follow some of my friends / artists that I admire and who have accounts there, but for me it's a graveyard.
I don´t know how it is on Visualart. So does anyone have an active account there? Is it a good community?

Dani-Owergoor  Has anyone ever told you about this site? You should take a look, because I remember that you were looking for another place too. What do you think? :)

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Hi my darlings!
I just notice that my work:
Fire and blood by 0Snow-White0

It´s among the Top Images on Daz website. :wow: :dance:
It's always a surprise when one of my works end up between the tops, they are not exactly the kind of image that the people there usually enjoy. And that's why I don´t post much in my daz gallery. But I'm glad it was this image, because it was very nice to make it. ^^  It was one of those images that naturally pop up in your head after reading some text. It´s directly inspired by a scene from oreana 's story. :heart:
It's a simple image but one I loved doing and I'm glad it's among my most popular works. ^^ And, of course, I thank Oreana for all that inspiration. :hug:

And corujamaster  , your suggestion is on my list! I hope I can do it! Valeu! :hug:

Oh I did a wip gif last year from my work/fanart of Jack the Lad. I didn't put the whole process because I was afraid that the size would be too big. I had never done this wip gif thing before.

Now I'm going to watch Arrow. I'm two eps behind. I was going to watch ep 10 of Vikings , but I'm going to postpone it a bit because I don´t like to see my team lose. yu r iz meen 2 meh Every time I read the comments of the fandom on YT, I want to smash something ... or kill someone. :angry: 


How can anyone stay on Ivar's side ???
His mother was a bitch, by the way. Lagertha should not have shot an arrow ... but at least five arrows.
* / spoiler *

And with that question you will know which side I'm on the civil war and who lost. :P
Sorry my english and good night. :D

Man...i :heart: him. :D And i love archers!

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Someone just posted this on facebook.
I'm right now.

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So, I saw this on ZestyLimey ´s journal and it's a very interesting idea. It all started with Mrs-Durden (Here), and the idea is to browse through a category or sub-category that you don't visit frequently and collect some of the art you find stands out! I tag anyone else who wants to do this too. ^_^ Use the tag #TheVoyage.

I chose....

Artisan Crafts

Sculptor Fella (Artists)

Ac Origins - Bayek out of the Animus - cosplay by RBF-productions-NL  ACsyndicate - Jacob and Evie Frye cosplay shoot by RBF-productions-NL  Second Hidden Blade 3.0 - Gravity by ammnra

Viking inspired female set by Deakath  Viking inspired - Calimacil partnership by Deakath  Elven Armor by Shattan

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I forgot to show this here. :D

I saw a t-shirt with this words and I decided to make a 3D version of it. :D
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Just a quick note .. ^^
g-ivy-ar asked if she could still see my old Livejournal icons (photobucket  f * everything). I was surprised to see that someone remembers them because I have not been there in a long time. :D
I made 555+ icons, as I am still planning my next image, I took the time to pick some and put them on imgur. Most are Lord of the rings :aww:, but have a bit of braveheart, romeo and juliet, pirates of the caribbean, phantom of the opera, the other boleyn girl, tristan and isolde, attila, narnia, etc.
I don´t know how often you log in here on deviantart, but I hope you see this post. :D

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 I didn´t know i could make features!!! Yay!!

 Jacob Frye 

20 yo and 40 yo, because I love both!

With you, It's close to heaven by oreana  The Clockwork Soldier by oreana 
Don't Mess with Her! - Jacob Frye by oreana   Jacob Frye by EdibleMecha

Jacob Frye by xla-hainex The Frye Twins by shalizehJacob Frye by the-frozen-bunny 
Jacob Frye by xla-hainex  Jacob and Evie by shalizeh  Family Reunion by shalizeh   

Jacob Frye by CavalierediSpade   Jacob Frye by Sandrelli

And a little bit of Arno. My nº 2 fav assassin. ^^

  Assassin's Creed: sketches I by CavalierediSpade  On the rooftops by CavalierediSpade  Arno by sunsetagain  Arno Dorian (Assassin`s Creed Unity) by Bembiann  Arno Dorian by Valentina-Remenar  Arno by jodeee  The Game Magazine - Assassins Creed Unity by PatrickBrown

And the new assassin , Bayek:)

Bayek by METSUSAN  Bayek by sunsetagain  AC Origins Bayek by sunsetagain   Bayek and Senu by Sketchy-Linez  Bayek with Senu by sunsetagain

So many amazing artists, check them out!

Heart Love 
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So, about the lost images from the forum ... I still have my accounts on photobucket. Good! Dignity laugh  I thought the accounts would be deleted, but apparently they are still there. The problem is that I made 6 accounts. (I don´t know why the hell I made so many.). And I don´t remember the passwords. Evil Grin   I managed to recover 2 of them, but I don´t know what emails I used for the rest ...(I had the bad habit of creating 876 emails on different sites ...) There is an option that I can retrieved the password by using any email, if i understood right, but since I made many attempts I have to wait 24 hours to try again. lol :D    ... Why I had to create so many accounts? ... What was I thinking?

Well, at least I will recover the images, or the majority of them. Big Grin 
I'm just rambling, since I no longer use tumblr. lol
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I put in storage a lot of old works (and some not so old). Only those that made me feel a bit embarrassed. Some were recently faved, so ... I'm so sorry. :3  I still left some old works in my gallery, but only those that, although they are not very good, I still like them for nostalgic reasons.

That's it ... sorry. But I had to do this little cleaning ...
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That moment when you spend the whole afternoon searching for something and finally find it! After hours! Almost losing hope to find!

Ok ... time to go to bed. Almost 4 in the morning :D
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Does anyone know of a site where it is possible to upload image to use in other places? Like photobucket? Apparently it is now no longer free and unfortunately all the images that were part of two old forums that my friend and I created some years ago for RPG are all gone and both places are a horrible mess. We no longer use the forums, but we don´t want to let them into the mess they are now. Because we like the old stories and the old characters we created in the past. 
Does anyone know of a similar site? 
Thanks in advance!

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Hey guys!
Sorry about the delay in reply. D:
I've been away all weekend. When I came back there was so much artworks to see that I could not comment on everyone. I had to faved the majority without commenting and deleting all of the groups works without even looking because most of the groups already had 200+ images ... lol

Thank you guys and sorry again about the delay in responding !! :hug: :heart:
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LOL ... The power of a certain naked commander. :D

2 years later....

How I was deluded. XD I would prefer 24 followers with common interests and who actually talked to me, than 700+ (currently) who follow me to ....:confused:  I don´t know why. lol Dignity laugh 
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Jacob Cane sword by 0Snow-White0
Jacob Frye Cane Sword
I found an obj copy and took it to Hexagon to separate the materials.
Then I opened in Daz and put some shaders and Judy Hopps - Icon  . <3
If I use in some image, will try to put the details using photoshop. I think it looks nice. :)
That ac:syndicate symbol back there I made in Blender. It´s not very good. lol :D

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I decided to show how I did the GodRay in "Magic Portal". They are basically images with almost nothing written, because my english is not very good. (Even so, there may have errors in the little I wrote.) I hope you can understand how I did.
It may not work in every situation, but I hope it's useful to someone ...

Tip1Godray by 0Snow-White0  Tip2 GodRay by 0Snow-White0

You can ask if you have any questions.
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Hey, guys!
I´m glad you liked the little serie of Skyrim / AC !! hehe  It's been a while since I've had so many favorites. Thank you! :heart:
I thank oreana for the inspiration!!
But now I seem to have run out of ideas.

I have a romantic image with Jacob that I want to make. I didn´t try to make that yet because I know I will have too much work with the poses and the clothes..XD

And I also have the halloween image. But after that, I have no more ideas.

If someone wants to give me some light, send me some idea / prompt? (PM me?) Usually I ask this on tumblr, but no one sends me prompts there, not anymore. It's the same as you talking to a hole and all you hear is your echo ... At least that's the way it is for me.
Thank you in advance for any light. Lightbulb  :D 

Oh ... there's a naughty image I'd like to make with Jacob ... Same kind of image I made with Cullen a while back ... I just did not have the courage yet ...:P If I make..It will not be posted here, of course. The girls make so many NSFW images with Cullen (and Alistair), but i only saw very few with Jacob Frye ( or any other assassin). wut? I have to fix that. hahahaha
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Do you plan to make some art for the Halloween? Yes? No?:witch: 
If I get inspired , I'll try to make something.  :brew: 
And I also wanted to apologize for the delay in commenting !!! (or, sometimes, for no comment at all. Sorry!!!)
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Hey everyone!

About the list i wrote some days ago:

- Tarot Card : There were still two left to make. I won't do it anymore.

- That Tudor AU : There is a small chance, but big chance of not happening.
- The family picture : I still want to do, but not now.
- The rp scene: It's the only one i can say that I'll do it for sure, but not at the moment.
- Athdar portrait: I still want to do, but not now.

So...yeah..:P I shouldn't make lists.

And sometimes I feel the approach of an art block and when I feel like this I ask prompts to my followers on tumblr, but nowadays I rarely get anything there. So i don´t ask anymore.
But now it's not exactly an art block ... Because I still have some ideas and I want to create but at the same time, don't feel like doing anything.  Meh. Laziness maybe?

Yesterday I was just experimenting some things. Leaving  Daz, going to Blender, returning to Daz and going to Hexagon and returning to Daz ... but without actually starting anything.  gah.

Even though I'm not feeling very enthusiasm, I still have hopes of doing something these next days ...:crossfingers: revision

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